Shops for sencond-hand musical instruments

A heaven for music lovers — scrap market in Saddar

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

SADDAR the city center, is one of the oldest part of the Karachi have dozens of sites to offering everyday a unique variety of items to the astonishing visitors not only the locals but also to the foreigners. Such bazaars in narrow lanes on the rare of high-rise buildings as well as unnoticeable streets for regular visitors spread all over the Saddar in which one located in the backside of Jehangir Park.
Around 20-shops which had been occupied a good portion of narrow lane behind the Jehangir Park and thriving business of imported second hand shoes, satchels, toys, traveling bags, T-shirts, P-caps, waist-belts and a huge variety of audiotapes. Half of the shops in this narrow lane in Saddar have been decorated with hundreds of imported branded and unbranded acoustic guitars, electric guitars, base guitars, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, keyboards, amplifiers and other related items of music.
“We had procured this lot of music instruments from the brokers who bring these in Karachi from Afghan via Chaman border. Thanks to Afghan Transit”, said Wajid Ali one of the shop owner. He said they had converted their shops from secondhand shoes and other articles to guitars and other musical instruments some five months ago and they witness a good response from the music lovers.
“Presently there are a large number of youngsters who love to play musical instruments besides their social taboos and financial constrains. The existing decorated shops offering such music instruments located in different parts of the city including North Nazimabad, Gulshan and Defence area but the prices are skyrocketing and could be affordable for elite class”, another shopkeeper known as Khan Bhai said.
He mentioned that the prices of guitars in this market are between Rs1500 to Rs6000 for the acoustic, electric and base guitars which are 70 percent less then the prices offering in the shops of posh areas.
Elaborating the details of other instruments like pianos, keyboards and amplifiers from different renowned brands, he said all shopkeepers in this market have consisted to sell from the range of Rs1500 to Rs7000 depends on their furnishing and model.
Another shopkeeper, Wahidullah said all such items manufactured in Japan as well as China to reach Karachi via Afghanistan. “The brokers who doing business of scrap on large scale are also behind this business to procured such items in bulk from Japan and China and brought in Karachi”, he said.
He also mentioned that the chain of such businessmen have also an extensive network of brokers spread all over the Pakistan. “We have not to visit Chaman or any other place to purchase such lot of scrap items as the brokers after getting confirmation from the shopkeepers, he was the responsible to brought such things on the door-step of our shops”, he said.
Interestingly, some of the shopkeepers in this market of secondhand items, also have a huge variety of digital and manual cameras in good condition and the range is much cheaper then the new ones.
Sharjeel, a visiting buyer of market told that he was used to visit this place for the last two years to get know how of new arrivals. “The rate of secondhand items especially imported shoes are economical for middle-class people and now the huge variety of musical instruments will attract the local youngsters to quench their thirst of music to acquire guitars and other instruments on cheap rates”, he said.
-Published in Daily Times | June 17, 2007

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