CDGK Budget 2007-08

Mustafa Kamal presents Rs45b budget for 2007-08

By Jamil Khan | KARACHI

THE city nazim, Syed Mustafa Kamal, presented Saturday a tax-free budget of Rs 45.695 billion for the fiscal year of 2007-08 with a surplus of Rs 216.53 million. The budget was presented at the City Council Secretariat amid chaos as the Opposition members described it as illegal.
The session to adopt the city government’s budget was presided over by city naib nazim, Nasreen Jalil. As soon as she invited the city nazim to present the budget, Opposition leader Saeed Ghani spoke up, terming the budget illegal. He said that the budget should not be presented, as according to him, the budget documents had a number of violations of the SLGO 2001 budget rules.
At this point, the convener asked the Opposition members to avoid showing “their traditional attitude of creating hurdles in the proceedings of the session”. After this, Kamal started his speech.
“The members of the Opposition are frustrated as they had cheated their people over initiating development projects in their respective areas and the citizens will not allow them to come to their houses next year,” he claimed and added that the people who had vested interests in this country had failed to stop the journey of development projects.
“This is one of the major and historical budgets of the City District Government Karachi, as a huge amount has been allocated for development,” he said.
He further claimed that due to their development projects and initiatives to benefit citizens, the members of the Opposition were unable to go to their houses. “If they [Opposition members] promise not to take part in the forthcoming local government elections, we will visit their respective areas to request people to forgive them,” he said.
This statement infuriated the Opposition members, who left their seats and shouted slogans against the government at the top of their voices. They also tore the budget copies and threw them in to the air.
Some of the slogans they shouted were “Jhoot hai, Jhoot hai” (All lies), “Ghair qanooni budget na manzoor” (Illegal budget, not acceptable), and “Jeay Bhutto” (Long Live Bhutto – a reference to the PPP-strong opposition). Amid the uproar, the city nazim gave details of the budget.
As soon as the city nazim concluded his speech, the convenor announced the adjournment of the session for half an hour. After the resumption of the session, Ahsan Siddiqi of the treasury benches, appreciated the budget and criticized the role of the opposition members during the city nazim’s speech. “This budget will be approved without any debate,” he said.
The chairman of the city government’s budget committee, Afaq Baig, also criticized the behaviour of the opposition members and requested the house to approve the budget without any delay.
Masood Mehmood from the treasury benches also requested the convenor to conduct the counting on the budget and approve it. He further said that they would not allow the Opposition to say anything on the floor of the house.
The leader of the house, Asif Siddiqi, said that the aim of the Opposition was to create pandemonium everywhere, and added that the resolution to approve the budget should be tabled without any delay.
In the meantime, the opposition leader, Saeed Ghani had tried to convey to the house to initiate a debate on the budget as he gave the names of 30 opposition members. The convenor of the house rejected and said that the opposition members had spoiled the budget session and that they would not be allowed to debate on it. She further asked for the presentation of the budget resolution that was adopted on a majority basis as the opposition abstained from taking part.
-Published in Daily Times | July 1, 2007

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