Karachi’s oldest pet-animal market need attention

By Jamil Khan |KARACHI

ONE of the oldest pet-animal market located in Empress Market Saddar, have been depriving and ignored by city government for the last many decades which not only damaging the business of shopkeepers but the visitors of the market also facing great difficulties to get their find. In the presence of bird flu risk around, the health department of city government as well as provincial government had not been drawn any check and balance system to monitor the virus in this market where huge number of birds and animals trading doing daily and could create any outbreak in the city.
People from every nook and corner of the city visiting this market to purchase or sell their pet animals from 10am to 8pm daily as the prices of all species are nominal and one can purchase easily after a small bargaining.
City District Government Karachi’s Health Department EDO Dr A.D. Sajnani told Daily Times that their department is being conducting continue surveillance to monitor the bird flu virus in the city and mentioned that there is no risk of bird flu in city as well as in entire province of Sindh. He added that the process of obtaining samples from different parts of the city has been continue and it will further take next couple of weeks to complete the task.
The market offering a huge variety of birds and dozens of their species including of parrots, pheasants, peacocks, pigeons, doves, ducks, swans, hens, cocks, monkey, rabbits, house cats, sparrows, partridges and even one can find various species of dogs like German Shepherd, Bull Terrier, Russian Bull Dog, Aster, Labrador and many more on nominal prices which range between Rs3000 to Rs5000.
Saqib, a dealer of dogs in the Empress Market doing this business for the last 15 years said the puppies which they are selling are B-Grade while the A-Grade animals are expensive starting from the range of Rs15000 to Rs25,000. “We have a good number of customers who wants only A-Grade puppies and we also fulfill their demands to import different birds and animals from different parts of the world”, he added.
He also showed a talking Meenah from Bangladesh and offering to sell on the price of Rs10000 and said she could be trained within couple of weeks.
A huge variety of parrots from America, Africa and Australia also available in the market including Pyte, Lotina, Black Piston, Blue Moop, Bijri, Budgerigars, Black Winged Parrot, Fisher, Cockatiel, Umbrella-Cacatoo, and others while some of the shopkeepers also offering imported tamed Blue-winged Macaw, Green-winged Macaw and others on different price range.
Muhammad Hafiz who belongs to this business since 1974 said “this market is not only biggest pet-animal market in the Karachi, Pakistan but also in the world but the city government had failed to pay due attention to resolve its lingering issues”. He claimed that there is no risk of bird flu in this market as climate of Karachi is not suitable for Avian influenza (bird flue) as it is a conspiracy to damage the local industry.
He further said almost all birds in this market could be breed in the houses as they are guiding customers from their diets to breed.
It is also mentioned that people from different parts of the city who loved pigeons visiting this market where some of the shopkeepers has exotic species and generating a huge amount as profit on them. One can find the varieties of kavli, gola as some of the species including chuaychundan could be sold on Rs2000 to Rs2500 per pair.
Interestingly, the owners of gola pigeons arranging contests of fight and flight against the bet from the range of Rs20,000 to Rs100,000.
“There are a dozens of groups in different parts of the city but majority living in Liaquatabad area who have keen interest in pigeons fight and arranging their matches in neutral place where each side bring 50 to 60 pairs of gola pigeons and contesting matches”, Javed Ustad, a well-known pigeon trainer (Ustad in kabootar Bazi) residing in Liaquatabad told this scribe.
Shahbaz a resident of Liaquatabad and have over 100 pairs of pigeons said that they are arranging fight matches once in a month. Elaborating the details of feeds giving to fighting pigeons, he said majority of the owners who have interest of fighting giving desi ghee, motichoor kay ladu, almonds’ juice and other healthy fodders to strengthen the muscles of pigeons.
Besides birds and animals in the market, majority of the shops have also a range of fodders for parrots, pigeons and others dogs as well as cages made by thin iron-wires and sticks in every size and the range of Rs50 to Rs1500.
However, the price of different species of peacock starting from Rs500 each, Canadian hens and cocks (between Rs300 to Rs1200 each), rabbit (Rs120 per pair), partridge (Rs20 each), sparrows (from Rs20 per pair to Rs150), monkey (Rs300 each), house cats (Rs500 to Rs2500 each), fancy parrots (starting from Rs130 to Rs1500 while some of the rare species have the range of Rs25,000 to Rs75,000).
The market which has over three dozens shops owned by city government had failed to provide any facility as almost all shopkeepers had encroached most of the empty space to place their animal cages and others.
-Published in Daily Times-Karachi | March 07, 2007

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