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UAE ‘s skin and hair market to grow 20%

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 23, 2014

DUBAI: Dubai is one of the vibrant market with huge potential has been witnessing 20 per cent annual growth in the Dhs1 billion hair and skincare market.
This was stated by Dr Mukesh Batra, Founder and Chairman Dr. Batra’s Healthcare while addressing a press conference at The Address hotel in Dubai on Monday on the launch of a wide range of skin and hair products in local market. Dr Batra
“The local market is huge with so many positive factors like young energetic people with good earning as well as health conscious as the growth in the sector will be double in the next 5 years,” he said. The firm which running a couple of clinics in Dubai has been entered into skincare products with the launch of a wide range of products in India last year.
Speaking at the launch, Dr.Mukesh Batra said, “We are delighted to launch our uniquely formulated products in the UAE market. We have partnered with strong distribution partners like SMS & NMC Trading who will play a major role in bringing our products to the GCC&UAE region respectively.”
He added that “we have placed our products in 50 leading stores in UAE. We aim to reach 5000 stores by March 2017and expect to reach a turnover of Dhs10 million.”
Commenting on the launch, Dr. B. R. Shetty, Founder, MD & CEO, NMC Healthcare, said “we are pleased to collaborate with healthcare giant like Dr. Batra’s® healthcare in Dubai. We are happy to bring Dr. Batra’s uniquely formulated products for the benefit of consumers in the UAE region.”
Dr. Batra’s Healthcare launched their product range after years of extensive research and development and the products are safe, effective and clinically proven. Dr. Batra’s hair and skin range is specially formulated and designed by Dermatologists and Trichologists.

Rice Bucket Challenge

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Students say yes to Rice Bucket Challenge for Gaza
20140921_113233By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 22, 2014

DUBAI: Dubai is now buzzing with the Rice Bucket Challenge, an awareness campaign with the aim of collecting rice to support deserving people around the world.
The challenge has been accepted by thousands of young students of The Kindergarten Starters (TKS) in Dubai to donate rice to feed people in war-torn Gaza with the support of the UAE Red Crescent.
The idea of the Rice Bucket Challenge was initiated by a young lady, Manju Latha Kalanidhi in Hyderabad, India to collect rice and donate to the deserving people in the society.
“The collecting of rice is more authentic and acceptable as compared to the Ice Bucket Challenge, which resulted in the wastage of a huge quantity of water. Everyone knows that water in this region is important and using this precious commodity to raise awareness was not suitable for us as well as our patrons. We want to make a real difference in the lives of deserving people so we adopted this idea,” said Asha Alexander, principal of the school in Dubai, while talking to The Gulf Today on Sunday in her office.
She said that after consultation with parents and teachers, the school came up with the idea and asked the students to motivate their parents and donate at least one kilogram of rice.
“Our target is to collect approximately 6,000 kg rice — as the school has around 5,500 students and 500 staff members — to feed millions of homeless, hungry people in Gaza. An appeal has been sent to all parents through their children a couple of days ago to comply on this,” she added.
The students were asked to donate at least 1 kg but there were many who brought more than this as part of their commitment towards the cause.
“The challenge to collect rice for the needy is more than an awareness initiative for the young children who know to support and help others especially when someone is in need. We in the school are paying extra efforts to educate students with the true values of society to share with others and understand the value of divine gifts which everyone is enjoying here in peaceful society under the leadership of visionary leaders,” she pointed.
The principal also highlighted other charity initiatives the school is involved in like helping others in need as well as collecting goods for labourers.
However, the school, in collaboration with the UAE Red Crescent, has initiated this drive and in a ceremony to be held on Sept.23, the boxes of collected rice will be handed over to the officials who will distribute it among the needy people in Gaza on behalf of the school’s children.
The ceremony will be attended by parents, senior government officials and students.

Fashion Bazaar

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Exhibition to showcase artistic skills of Asian housewives

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 21, 2014

DUBAI: Asian communities residing in Dubai and neighbouring Emirates are gearing up to be part of a day-long exhibition where a number of housewives from Pakistani, Indian and other communities will showcase their creations in fashion, jewellery designing and arts and crafts.
The event named Grand Fashion Bazaar will celebrate two major festivals — Eid and Diwali — and will be held at the Grand Excelsior Hotel in Bur Dubai on Oct.11.
The event will be organised by prominent Pakistani couple Mohammed Nizam and his wife Ayesha Nizam.
The duo had organised their solo event ‘Spring Bonanza’ a couple of months ago after setting up likeminded peoples’ group on social media and received a huge turn out.
Talking to The Gulf Today, Nizam said that the motive behind this event is only to promote the hidden skills of housewives in Dubai.
“There are a large number of housewives settled in Dubai who have been educated and trained in different skills prior to their marriages but after tying the knot they just tend to their families and get no opportunities to showcase their talent. Like our previous event, this event is solely to promote and encourage all such housewives to showcase their skills in front of a bigger audience and be recognised,” he said.
The organisers are planning to bring prominent fashion designers from India and Pakistan who will not only showcase their creations in the exhibition but also share their knowledge and experience with the participating designers.
The designers who are expecting to take part in the Grand Fashion Bazaar include Knack Kreations of Chandigarh, Anum Fashions Mumbai, Iquera Couture Islamabad, Nonu Sana of Royal Style Boutique for ladies and Sherry and Aijaz Aslam from Karachi.
“Dubai is a unique place where people from every corner of the world reside and the fashion designers and their creations especially in dresses, jewellery, footwear are getting huge attention. Our guests designers will be a great opportunity for housewives to learn various skills of marketing, networking and exhibition through the experience of famous designers from Pakistan and India,” Ayesha added.
She added that there are many housewives settled in Dubai and other Emirates like Sharjah and Ajman who regularly organise exhibitions on a small scale either in their houses or community centres.
“Exhibitions like ours is one of the biggest where all such housewives will be giving prominent display space on affordable fee to promote their skills in fashion designing, jewellery designing and other skills in art and crafts category,” she added.
The organisers are expecting to set up more than 100 stalls where visitors from different communities will have a chance to see and buy the products.

Cattle Market – Dubai

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Dubai cattle market traders gear up for Eid Al Adha

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 20, 2014

DUBAI: On the impending occasion of Eid Al Adha, more and more people have been visiting the cattle markets to find out the latest prices of sacrificial animals to fulfil the obligation as part of the religious duty to mark the festival of sacrifice.
The Eid Al Adha, widely known as the ‘festival of sacrifice’, is observed on the 10th day of Zull Hajj, which is expected to fall either on Oct.4 or 5 wherein Muslims all over the world will sacrifice an animal.
In Dubai, the permanently established main cattle market in Qusais area has been catering to the needs of the faithful with varieties of animals brought as far as from Pakistan, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Somalia.
In a recent survey, it was found that traders in the Emirate’s largest market of sacrificial animals are still waiting for customers as well as their livestock being en route from different neighbouring countries to fulfil the local demands.
Ghulam Abbas, a trader for more than a decade in this market, pointed that they are idle ahead of Eid and the momentum of the sale will pick up after next week. “What we have seen in this market is different as compared to our hometown in Pakistan where customers start purchasing  sacrificial animals weeks ahead of Eid and take good care of them. Here, the substantial number of people who wish to perform a sacrifice are either living in apartments or villas with limited options to take care of an animal,” he said.
He further pointed that people in majority prefer to buy their favourite animals only a couple of days ahead of Eid while those who purchase big animals like camel or ox prefer to utilise the option of keeping them in the market and pay the traders for taking care of them till they can be sacrificed.
Shabbir pointed out that currently the prices of goats from Somalia and India stand at around Dhs500 to Dhs650 as most of the stocks are young animals.
“Normally people buy a goat or sheep of 1 year or so which will cost them around Dhs900 to Dhs1300 depending on the weight and age during Eid days. The demand and supply ratio in the market also impact the prices as sometimes traders get a huge stock and have to sell the maximum they can thereby compromising on the prices,” he added.
Another trader Abid, who keeps big animals like oxen, pointed that the stock brought from Somalia is sold at around Dhs3500 to Dhs6000 depending on the size and weight while a few from Pakistan are sold for as high as Dhs20,000 due to their huge size and enormous weight.
“There are many Pakistanis, Indians and others workers who pool their share and buy big animals as the abbatoir being operated by municipality caters to the needs of slaughtering on the Eid day for all to enjoy the meat,” he added.

Short Film Competition

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Students asked to participate in Human Rights Short Film Competition

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 16, 2014

DUBAI: Students from all over the UAE are invited to participate in a short film competition organised by the Human Rights Sector, at the Community Development Authority (CDA) in Dubai as the top three winners will be awarded cash prizes.
The finalists will be announced on Dec.10 on the occasion of International Child Rights Day.
In a press conference held at the CDA head office in Dubai, Khaled Al Kamda, the director-general of CDA and Maitha Al Shamsi, CEO, Human Rights Sector unveil the details in the presence of senior officials and mediapersons on Monday.
The competition, which selected ‘child rights’ to be its main topic, will be divided into four categories; child rights in education, healthcare, protection from abuse, negligence and exploitation as well as the rights of children with disabilities.
CDA called male and female students to submit their entries individually or as groups before Nov.20, where the jury will select the three first winners of each category.
Spreading the awareness about child rights is a key objective that CDA is aiming at, by targetting youth through this competition, the authority is hoping to raise a generation that is fully aware of human rights in general and child rights in particular and knows its duties toward building a modern society.
Khaled Al Kamda, the director-general of CDA addressing the gathering, said, “Educating youth about human rights issues and encouraging their involvement in spreading awareness and finding solutions, is crucial to create a community that respects and protects human rights. Launching the human rights short film competition among university students has direct and indirect objectives. In addition to creating awareness about several aspects of child rights, working on these videos will create a sense of connectivity between the youth and the community issues; they will experience the responsibility for the matters happening in their environment and be more encouraged to provide ideas and solutions to them.”
The Human Rights Sector will start soon a series of workshops and seminars in collaboration with colleges and universities to explain further to the students about the competition categories and conditions.
The laws and agreements related to child’s rights locally and the global conventions of child’s rights, that the UAE is involved in, will also be discussed.
Maitha Al Shamsi, CEO, Human Rights Sector said, “Engaging the skills, innovation and creativity of university students will help raise awareness and we believe that through the creative medium of short film the students will be able to translate the key child rights messages in a way which will attract and educate the wider audience and which ultimately contributes to the development of the society as a whole,” she added.

Launch Of Kebelo and Swell In Dubai

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Experts asked to seek professional help on healthy hair

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 15, 2014

DUBAI: More than 80 per cent of women in Dubai are struggling to maintain their hair, as the high humidity and the harsh weather are having a very high impact. There are a substantial number of salons in the emirates where qualified professionals help women get desirable results and healthier hair.
This was stated by Sandra Hopkins, a hair stylist and trainer from the UK-based Kebelo brand in an exclusive interview with The Gulf Today on Sunday. She visited Dubai to attend the launch of Europe’s top hair brands Kebelo and Swell in the UAE.
“Curly, wiry and highly dehydrated hair textures are common as humidity is very high in this region. Around 86 per cent of women are struggling to maintain a good look, as visiting the salon frequently is hard. They spend too much time and work hard but results are not very evident,” she said.
Hopkins stated that they are introducing a new range here in the UAE through the platform of Mohsin and Saleh, the exclusive distributor of the finest internationally-acclaimed professional beauty brands in the entire GCC and neighbouring countries – Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India.
“We have trained salon experts from the UK. We found here many salons have trained professionals who not only have good knowledge of brands they are using, but also suggest the best solutions to women who are hair-conscious and want to maintain a good look,” she added.
Earlier at the launch, celebrity hairdresser, David John, graced the private launch by sharing different expert views with the media.
“The UAE’s beauty and personal care industry is booming in the region. We’ve seen great potential in the market for hair care products. Based on Euromonitor, the Middle East and Africa region registered sales of $24.2 billion. Thus, we have decided to introduce the best products available in the market — Kebelo and Swell,” stated David John, who is also a Brand Ambassador and Head of Education of Mohsin and Saleh.
Kebelo and Swell hair care lines and solutions are the vanguard of creative hair care technology and designed to address the most common hair problems such as frizz and fine, limp or thinning hair. The naturally sourced products concentrate on targeting those concerns, delivering a remarkable result.

Art Exhibition @ Mercato

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Italian artist draws huge crowd on first solo exhibition

By Jamil Khan @ The Gulf Today-Sharjah, Sept 11, 2014

DUBAI: The number of art and cultural events by Italian artists are increasing in Dubai as more and more artists are expressing interest to showcase their creations in this vibrant market for expatriates.
This was stated by Giovanni Favilli, Italian Consul General in Dubai, while talking to The Gulf Today on the sidelines of a painting exhibition by an Italian artist, Anna Arcese, running at the central galley of the Mercato mall located in Jumeirah, Dubai.
“We are delighted that one of the famous Italian artist Anna Arcese showcasing her fine art paintings at the mall, which is also a true masterpiece reflecting Italian architectural model.
“We are also in collaboration with local organisations to initiate a series of cultural events in Mercato Mall as well as other parts of Dubai to offer a multi-cultural experience to the expatriate communities residing in Dubai,” he said.20140910_122428
It is also mentioned that around 10,000 Italian nationals reside in the UAE and every year more than 100,000 tourists from Italy visit the country while more than 45,000 from here visit Italy.
Anna, who has been showcasing her paintings all over Europe and Japan, is exhibiting for the first time in Dubai in a show that will go on till Oct.1.
“The exhibition was opened on Sept.8 and it was great to see such a huge number of visitors interested in my paintings. People are inquiring about my techniques as well as prices,” she told The Gulf Today.
Anna’s exhibition at Mercato is showcasing a variety of different canvas paintings, which range from still life to flowers and fruits.
She pointed out that her other medium comprising of people and landscape will also be part of her next show to be held in Dubai soon.

Winners announced
Mercato has announced the names of the two lucky winners of the mega Dubai Summer Surprises (DSS) promotion, held as part of the month-long summer festival, organised by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE), an agency of the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), and organizers of DSS.
The draw was held on Sept.7 at Mercato.
As part of their grand prizes, Adel Rajab Abdul Wahab Ahmad from Kuwait took home a gorgeous white GMC Yukon Denali (2015 model) and Neda Khaji of Iranian nationality won a family mini-break in Salalah, Oman at the Rotana Hotel and return flights for a family of four.


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